ASP.NET Core 2.2とかAzure DevOpsとかのメモ


  • Azure DevOpsのPipelines内でApp Serviceにデプロイする際、App SettingsにPipelineの変数を設定したい
    • “$(Build.BuildNumber)”みたいに設定する
  • Azure DevOpsでBuild保存時に“The AllowScriptsAuthAccess build option is not supported in API versions greater than 4.0”とかでて保存できない
    • Preivew FeaturesからNew Navigationをいったんオフにしてみましょう
  • Buildでdotnet restoreが失敗する
    • .NET Core SDKを明示的に使うように指定するとよいかも
  • ASP.NET Core 2.xでHTTPSに強制リダイレクトしたい
    • app.UseHsts() と app.UseHttpsRedirection() する。
    • Web Appsでリダイレクトされない場合はApp SettingsでASPNETCORE_HTTPS_PORTでも指定すればいいんじゃないでしょうか。
    • Enforce HTTPS in ASP.NET Core
  • Azure DevOpsのPipelineでApp Serviceにデプロイ時、App_Offline.htmlが作れないエラーになる
  • App Serviceデプロイ後、500エラーになる
    • 以下の通り
    • Announcing ASP.NET Core 2.2, available today!
    • The .NET Core 2.2 SDK, runtime, and updated ASP.NET Core IIS Module are in the process of being deployed to Azure App Service regions around the world. We expect this to be completed before the end of December 2018.

      Some regions may receive the updated runtime before the updated ASP.NET Core IIS Module (ANCM), which is required by default for projects targeting ASP.NET Core 2.2. It’s also a requirement for the new in-process hosting feature. If you receive startup errors after deploying to Azure App Service, try configuring your project to use the existing version of ANCM by setting the AspNetCoreModule property to the value “AspNetCoreModule”, e.g.:


      Once the target region has been updated with the latest ANCM version, you can remove that property altogether and redeploy the application to have it switch to using the new ANCM.

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